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    Every day, thousands of refugees try to find safe refuge in the European Union. Cordaid does not only support them in their homeland and in neighboring countries, but also provides aid to 125,000 refugees in Serbia and Greece.

    For many refugees, Serbia is a stopover on their way to another European country. After a long journey from Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan they are tired, hungry and sometimes injured. The government is doing all they can, but the influx of refugees is too big. Right now, 2,000 to 8,000 refugees arrive in Serbia every day, amongst whom many women and children.

    How does Cordaid help the refugees?

    Together with our sister organization Caritas Serbia, we provide assistance to 100,000 refugees in Belgrade and in the border areas, with Macedonia in the South and Hungary in the North. The refugees get food, sleeping bags, raincoats and items for personal hygiene, such as diapers and soap. We also provide psychosocial support for them to cope with their traumas.

    ‘They still have their whole lives ahead of him’

    Thousands of refugees are now receiving aid from Cordaid. But so many more people need help. Like Firas Elkaysi from Iraq, who spoke near the Macedonian border. “The only thing I want is for my children to be safe. They still have their whole lives ahead of him, I don’t.” Nearly a month ago, Firas had to close his thriving construction company and, together with his wife, 6-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter, had to flee for IS terror.

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    Firas and his family (photo: Cordaid/Arie Kievit)


    The refugees in Serbia often came ashore in Greece. Greece faces large numbers of refugees. In the first half of 2015, nearly 100,000 people from countries such as Syria, Iraq, Eritrea and Afghanistan arrived in Greece, which is struggling with a financial crisis itself.

    Many refugees reside in the capital Athens and on the islands of Kos, Chios and Lesvos. They live in makeshift camps in parks and other public spaces and can only dream of a better future. Together with our partner organizations, we offer assistance to 25,000 refugees on the islands and in the capital city Athens, by distributing food, sleeping bags, mattresses and hygiene kits.

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    Cordaid and Caritas support refugees around the globe.
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    How our Caritas network aids the refugees in Europe: