Investing in Cordaid generates a double profit. Apart from generating a social return, you will also improve your company’s image. Show the world your company’s social involvement.

    Customers prefer brands that commit themselves to charities. There will also be other benefits: your staff will feel more involved and you will notice an increase in brand recognition and operating result.

    These are the possibilities:

    Make a donation as a foundation to one of our charities

    You can choose one of Cordaid’s charities:

    Cordaid Mensen in Nood: provides emergency aid and rehabilitation in developing countries

    Cordaid Memisa: provides healthcare in developing countries

    Cordaid Microkrediet: provides microfinance in developing countries

    Cordaid Kinderstem: supports children in slums

    Cordaid Bond Zonder Naam: fights deprivation in the Netherlands

    Become a partner of Cordaid

    Cordaid’s activities are multifaceted; Cordaid supports 12 topics in 28 countries across the globe. There will always be a topic or country program that will appeal to your company or staff. As a Dutch company , you can choose one of Cordaid’s charities: disaster prevention, reducing maternal mortality, entrepreneurship, or education of children.

    Link your product to Cordaid

    Donate (part) of the revenue of one of your products to support Cordaid. Such donations will not only potentially increase the sale of your existing or new products, but they will also benefit communities that Cordaid supports in the poorest countries.

    Show others that you support Cordaid

    The more Cordaid’s good deeds are brought to light, the better. You can either use Cordaid’s logo in your online communications or find us on Facebook; you can become our friend or follower or like us. In doing so, you help us spread Cordaid’s ideas to as many people as possible.

    Thinking alongside Cordaid

    Join us by implementing ICSR

    Is your company ready to implement an International Corporate Social Responsibility policy? Does your company have the expertise to contribute to better living conditions? Your company’s expertise is of inestimable value to Cordaid. You can help us by thinking alongside us.

    Participate in a think-tank

    Cordaid is looking for business developers who want to participate in a think-tank. We aim to bring together people from various corporate backgrounds to develop products that yield a social return as well as offer good market value.

    Patrick Krens
    [email protected]
    Tel: +31 (0) 6-44 14 74 76

    Organize an event

    Organize with your team or company an event, action or campaign and donate the proceeds to Cordaid.


    Every collaboration has to be tailor-made. For more information, please contact:

    Suzanne van Alphen
    Corporate Fundraiser
    +31 (0)70 3136281
    [email protected]