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Follow up

This past January 4th, 2016 at 3AM, Chanceline delivered her 3kg800 baby, Anne Emmanuelle. Chanceline had to again walk to the clinic to deliver her baby. At 9 months pregnant, she went 4 days before her delivery and the walk took her 3h30 until she finally reached the clinic. “All went well. I was accompanied by my girlfriends while my husband stayed at home working and taking care of our two other children”, she said. According to nurses and doctors, the delivery went well. After the delivery,  Chanceline returned home, walking again the 27 kilometers but this time holding Anne-Emmanuelle in her arms. However, 2 days after her return home, she had to return to the clinic to vaccinate her child. She will have to undergo the same journey every month until Anne-Emmanuel is 9 months. An equivalent of almost 250 kilometers to walk not alone this time but with her baby too.

The most impressive contribution to UHC Day 2015.

Medicus Mundi International, Basel, Switzerland

Chanceline with 3 months old baby
Chanceline with her 3 months old baby, Anne-Emmanuelle.