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Cordaid NL

Universal Health Coverage

Health care should be available to anyone, anywhere. Remco van der Veen, Director Programs: “With this oh-so-boring video of 5 hours, Cordaid wants to show that this really needs to change, and fast”.

Indeed, worldwide, 400 million people lack the most basic life-saving health care. Health is a right, not a privilege: 17% of people in low- and middle-income countries are pushed or further pushed into poverty (US$2/day) because of health spending. Up to one-third of households in Africa and Southeast Asia borrow money or sell assets to pay for health care. By working on accessible and affordable healthcare in the poorest, often conflict-affected, areas, Cordaid helps to achieve this goal by supporting local (health) organizations to improve their services and build stronger health systems. In the least developed countries, often, public health sector reform has to go beyond inputs. While the availability of trained nurses and facilities are crucial, public systems work better when standards, responsibilities, financing and incentives are clear and aligned to defined goals, and outcomes are measured and monitored.

An amazing project on the importance of #HealthForAll.

UHC coalition, Global Health Strategies, New York

This improvement is possible through an RBF approach (Results Based Financing). This is a system strengthening approach that introduces checks and balances along the service delivery chain, encouraging better governance, transparency and enhanced accountability. It achieves this by linking payments directly to performance. RBF motivates service providers to deliver more services of higher quality.