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Cordaid NL

Why this movie?

Walking 27 km while being 7 months pregnant is an enormous challenge and the only option of Chanceline even though she can be considered one of the lucky ones: 400 million others worldwide do not have access to essential healthcare services. Rain storms? Burning sun? People bothering Chanceline on her way to the clinic? So much can happen during these hours.

The film-The Walk came from the recognition that there is a need in urging greater action and progress on delivering UHC. It also wants to raise awareness on the discrepancy of health service delivery around the world. The most effective way to demonstrate the importance of UHC is to show what it meant for a pregnant woman in the countries where Cordaid works in. Not only is it to show the importance but also show how far countries are from achieving this goal. We still have work to do. This becomes incredibly confronting by filming a pregnant woman walking 5 hours for a health check up and showing the entire walk. And that is how Cordaid produced the most boring film on one of the most fundamental human rights.

Watch The Walk on YouTube.

This story is a powerful reminder of why we must keep working to deliver universal health coverage—quality, affordable care for everyone, leaving no one behind.

Michael Myers, Managing Director The Rockefeller Foundation