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Follow the Pill and other Cordaid events at AIDS 2018 

Did you ever wonder what it takes to provide antiretroviral drugs to people in really remote and isolated places? For example in DR Congo? Follow the Pill will give you an idea. The screening of this video is one of a series of Cordaid events during this year’s International Aids Conference, in Amsterdam. 

Leaving no one behind

85 thousand HIV-positive people in DR Congo are currently receiving ARV therapy thanks to Cordaid, our local partners and the generous support of the Global Fund. Rosette is one of them. She lives in a village just north of the Congo river. Follow the Pill: The last mile in DR Congo shows how dedicated people travel thousands of miles by air, car, boat and motorbike, to make sure Rosette gets her life-saving medication. They illustrate what it means to ‘leave no one behind’ in the global struggle to end HIV and AIDS by 2030. 

Addressing HIV in Fragile contexts 

Providing ARV drugs across DR Congo is only one of the HIV services Cordaid and its partners deliver. We also strengthen health systems, help to safeguard confidentiality, provide HIV education and counter stigma. This 4-page brochure tells you more about how we address HIV in fragile contexts. 

Cordaid events at AIDS 2018: what, when & where

Cordaid is proud to highlight some of this work during AIDS 2018, the International AIDS Conference, hosted in Amsterdam from 23-27 of July. This event is the largest conference on any global health issue in the world. 

We will host or co-organize a series of events. Among them these 4: 

  • WHAT     Global Village Film Screening: Follow the Pill: The last mile in DR Congo 
  • WHEN    Monday 23 July, 16:05 – 16:50 
  • WHERE  GV film screening room, L103-104 


  • WHAT     Global Village Debate: ‘No sex before marriage!’ How to overcome religious barriers to HIV testing and treatment in the most fragile countries of Africa? African youth delegates challenge religious leaders 
  • WHEN    Monday 23 July, 17:30 – 18:30 
  • WHERE  Global Village, session room 1 


  • WHAT     Side event with the Global Fund and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands: Harnessing the power of multi-stakeholder partnerships to leave no one behind: a Dutch approach?
  • WHEN    Wednesday 25 July, 17:30 – 20:00 
  • WHERE  Keurzaal, Beurs van Berlage 


  • WHAT     Global Village Presentation: Improve access to treatment in the fragile settings of DR Congo, a community approach.  Speakers : Dr Placide Welo Okitayemba, Directeur Programme National de Lutte Contre le SIDA (PNLS) DR Congo,  Dr Rose Tambwe, M&E Coordinator Cordaid DRC
  • WHEN    Wednesday 25 July, 11.00 – 12.30 
  • WHERE  Global Fund Advocates Networking Zone, Global Village 


Opening remarks of the side event with the Global Fund and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be delivered by Her Royal Highness Princess Mabel van Oranje. One of the panellists during that event is Petra van Haren, Director Health at Cordaid.  

Access to treatment in a fragile setting from national and community perspectives

Cordaid has invited the Director of the National HIV Aids programme of the DRC and a caregiver in the fight against the HIV/AIDS epidemic. In a Global Village Presentation Dr Placide will give insight into the efforts made and the challenges faced in the fight against HIV in DRC. Dr Rose Tambwe will share the experience of  a community center in Kinshasa, run by and for HIV-positive people and supported by Cordaid and the Global Fund. The centre is a treatment/ARV distribution center, a voluntary testing centre, a safe haven and microsavings bank all in one.  

Read the story of Clarisse Mawaki, who supervises the amazing HIV/AIDS community center in Kinshasa. 

Join one of our events or visit the Cordaid Booth

Both the Film Screening, the Global Village Debate and the Global Village Presentation are public events. You are more than welcome to join them. To attend the side event you need to make an email reservation by Wednesday July 18th ([email protected]). 

Or have a chat and a coffee in our Cordaid booth in the Global Village Hall. It’s number 665, next to the Youth Pavillion.

Catholic HIV&AIDS Network event in Diemen

During AIDS 2018, the Catholic HIV&AIDS Network (CHAN) organises a 3-day event in the Schuilkerk de Hoop in Diemen, near Amsterdam, from 20-22 July. CHAN is a forum of Catholic organisations responding to the HIV epidemics in low-income and developing countries. Cordaid is one of the sponsors of this event. Remco van der Veen, Cordaid Director International Offices, is one of the speakers of the Opening Panel. Read more about the program of the CHAN event.

Read more

The Aids 2018 website provides detailed program and practical information.

Read more about Cordaid’s Health Program.

(Featured image: Rosette, from the video Follow the Pill. © Cordaid / D Productions)