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Cordaid IATI compliant

Partos wants organizations to open their data to IATI for the right reasons, and not just because it is required by a donor agency.

Openess follows not simply from opening data.  It is more than transparency or accountability in reporting budget expenditures and results.   The rationale to open your data is of that of sharing and using information collaboratively, and of creating an environment, that enables true collaborative cooperation for  maximum impact.  It is with that ambition that Partos  developed a program that supports organizations with both information and technical support to voluntarily open their data to IATI. The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs financially supports this program.

Cordaid rightly understood that IATI and open data  should work for the organization in their ambition to do better. It therefore started an internal process first: opening data, monitoring quality and adjusting procedures, with the intention to actually publish to IATI when they feel the organization is ready. A thorough and careful process that took them just over a year. Today Cordaid publishes formally to IATI and is actually open. A huge achievement for which they deserve our compliments and congratulations.

About the author

Anne-Marie works at Partos, the Dutch association for NGOs working in International Development. The association represents 120 Dutch development organizations that work in the field of poverty reduction, humanitarian aid, human rights and sustainable development.

She is experienced in international cooperation programs and she now initiates and manages programs to improve organizational performance in international development.

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