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Echo from a displaced family

Louise Mbozo is a young mother of 3 children (the boys are 3 and 5 years old and a girl of only 6 months). She is a so called IDP, an Internally Displaced Person, because she fled her home 7 months ago. A rebel group attacked her town of Koui and killed her husband. She fled towards what she hoped would be safety in the town of Bocaranga, along with thousands of other men, women, and children.

Her difficulties were only just beginning, as Louise had to figure out how to support her family alone, far from the farmland that she had planted but was unable to harvest. Cordaid identified Louise’s family as one of the many vulnerable households in Bocaranga and offered her a plot of land, vegetable seeds, and tools to grow a garden, alongside 199 other vulnerable IDP-families who were also helped with the cultivation of vegetables.

Crops planted with support from Cordaid. Photo: Cordaid team Bocaranga

Although Louise had to deal with the daily challenges of taking care of her family, she worked hard to plant and to tend her garden at the same time. The first harvest of vegetables that she was able to resell was a small help, but the second harvest has given her real hope that perhaps she will be able to meet more of her family’s needs in the future. As the security situation is stabilizing in her hometown, she is hoping to return with a small amount saved that will help her restart her life there, enabling her to replace some of the articles in her house that was looted.

What she is really looking forward to, is being able to pay school fees for her son next year, because she knows that education is the best way to give him a more stable future. She was happy to learn that Cordaid will be assisting with emergency education programs and also with vegetable gardens for others who return home to Koui. She knows the difference this will make to mothers like her, who have endured so much and just want to improve the lives of their children.

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