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Cordaid NL
Private Sector Development

Improving agricultural microfinance through risk mitigation

Cordaid Investments works in the field of rural and agricultural microfinance, with projects across the globe. Our focus lies on building flourishing communities through financial inclusion. With 77 local partners, we currently reach over 430.000 rural clients with affordable financial services, 66% of which are women. Drawing from our experience in the field, we participated in the ninth European Microfinance Week (EMW), which took place from 12 to 14 November 2014 in Luxembourg.

The conference brought together over 400 opinion-leaders, top management of banks, funds and other financial institutions, practitioners, academics, analysts, raters and industry commentators to present key innovations and market-driven innovations in financial services.

Developing better markets

With this year’s attention on “Developing Better Markets”, 31 EMW workshops covered subjects including Social Performance Management, agricultural finance, conflict zone financial services, digital and technological innovations, green microfinance, downscaling strategies, responsible investment, and client-driven product diversification. Resi Janssen, investment manager, represented Cordaid at EMW and made a presentation on agricultural microfinance risk management, discussing case-studies, experiences and lessons learned. > Download the publication here.

EMW 2014 wrapped up on Friday evening with a tribute from Anne Contreras, Chair of the e-MFP Board, who spoke in the closing plenary meeting on the remarkable width and depth of the work that the European microfinance sector does, and the linkages that e-MFP and its partners are making in “Networking with the South” (which remains the Platform’s logo) and developing new markets that are sustainable, scalable, inclusive and fair. Click here to take a look back at EMW 2014.

The European Microfinance Platform, e-MFP, is a multi-stakeholder organization representing the European MF community and comprises banks, financial institutions, government bodies, consultancies, NGOs researchers and academics. Its aim is to promote cooperation among European microfinance bodies working in developing countries. It facilitates high-level debate and research on key issues in inclusive finance, and is an invaluable opportunity for stakeholders to share Best Practice in a rapidly-evolving sector.