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Serious Gaming workshops support the Kenyan devolution process

Cordaid is building flourishing communities in rural and urban areas. That can only be achieved if communities themselves assume a central role in planning, implementation and monitoring of their own development. From 11 to 16 September, Cordaid realized four training sessions in Kenya on collaborative and participatory planning and budgeting. In the form of serious gaming workshops, the participants to the trainings discovered what can be achieved through collaboration and which opportunities are lost if cooperation stalls.

In Kenya, the new Constitution calls for a so-called devolution process, which aims at giving more responsibilities and resources to local authorities. But at the same time it requires more transparency and cooperation between stakeholders. Cordaid supports the capacity of local authorities and communities to collaborate in planning and budgeting on the level of the County. This is made possible through the financial support of the European Union to this three-year project, called: “Successful Devolution in Isiolo and Kisumu Counties”.

Serious Gaming workshops

Interaction between these stakeholders can be full of tensions. The Cordaid gaming tool provides a safe setting where stakeholders can get to know each other and learn to work on development as equals.

Betty Okero (CSO Network):  “Cordaid’s Serious Gaming tool is very valuable and I wish that it could be adopted by local authorities in Kenya.”

The workshops were facilitated by a team of Cordaid and local partners CSO Network (Kisumu) and Cemiride (Isiolo).

Evert van Walsum, Programme Expert at Cordaid Urban Matters says: “These workshops clearly demonstrated that collaborative planning can be facilitated through Serious Gaming. It can be applied in both urban as well as in rural settings.” The involvement of communities does not stop at participation. The aim is their full engagement in all stages of development.”

Betty Okero (CSO Network):  “Cordaid’s Serious Gaming tool is very valuable and I wish that it could be adopted by local authorities in Kenya.”











About Serious Gaming

Cordaid has developed two serious board games: the Urban Collaboration Game and the Urban Planning Game. These games are used as workshop tools to facilitate multi stakeholder processes in cities. Stakeholders involved in a specific area are mobilized around a common agenda, based on their own interests. When win-win situations for all parties are identified, points of action are cooperatively agreed upon and planned.

The games are specifically designed to create a safe space where representatives of local authorities and other stakeholders, like community representatives, can sit down together and debate these issues. It is important that all sides have the political will to join the table. While playing the games, stakeholders will discover that they can only reach their own objectives through cooperation.

If you want to receive more information on Serious Gaming, please e-mail our Program Expert Evert van Walsum.