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Stirring the conversation about religion and the Women, Peace and Security agenda

What potential does religion have to advance the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) agenda? How can we bridge the gap religious actors and WPS stakeholders to create unexpected alliances? How can we focus on the opportunities that engaging religion offers to localise the WPS agenda while acknowledging its limitations?

These questions form the core of the series of online sessions on Religion and the Women, Peace and Security Agenda, organised by Cordaid and supported by the Knowledge Management Fund.

Context and objective

2020 marks a significant year for the WPS agenda and community. The momentum of the 20th anniversary of UNSC resolution 1325 encourages thinking about promising ideas to enhance and improve the Agenda.

One such idea: harnessing religion in furtherance of WPS. For most of the world’s population, religion shapes their everyday life. How might we build on the centrality of religion to people’s lives to implement the WPS Agenda?

-> Read our policy paper on Religion and the Women, Peace and Security agenda

Cordaid aims to kickstart discussion on this question by organising an online event, bringing together experts with diverse perspectives to explore the relationship between WPS and religion. The event, consisting of several online sessions, serves as the kick-off for a Community of Practice. The CoP will facilitate knowledge exchange and explore ways to integrate the nexus between religion and the WPS agenda into our daily work.

Event report

This event report looks back at the expert sessions and online discussion sessions that took place in October this year, and it sets out the next steps for setting up a Community of Practice. With the input from the October sessions, we collected a list of recurrent themes that participants identified as important for building on this topic. We plan to organise further content and information sharing sessions around a selection of those themes.

Online sessions

The series consists of pre-recorded expert sessions and online exchange sessions for which you can register below.

The pre-recorded expert sessions (a face to face discussion, a panel discussion and the keynote) will be released online in the mornings of the 6th, 7th and 8th of October.

The videos will be posted here and in our LinkedIn group for the Community of Practice. The expert sessions form the basis and provide food for thought for online exchange sessions that will take place on the 13th and the 14th of October. You can pick one of these moments to attend. The set up for both will be the same. They will consist of group discussions on the role of religion in the WPS agenda and will launch the Community of Practice.

Video 1: Keynote speech by Azza Karam

Watch this first video in a series on ‘Religion and the Women, Peace and Security agenda’ and get inspired by a keynote speech by Azza Karam (Secretary General Religions for Peace International), with an introduction by Laila al-Zwaini (Arabist and Legal Scholar).

Video 2: Face to Face – Kaouthar Darmoni and Jo Douma on the Women, Peace and Security agenda

Kaouthar Darmoni (Atria) and Jos Douma (Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs) discuss the pressing topic of: ‘harnessing the potential of religion to improve opportunities for women in the most fragile contexts’.

Video 3: Panel discussion with Florence Andrew, Mary Akrami, Janneke Stegeman and Rick van der Woud

Through a virtual panel discussion Florence Andrew (Support Trust for African Development), Mary Akrami (Afghan Women’s Network), Janneke Stegeman (Mensen met een Missie/Vrije Universiteit) and Rick van der Woud (Mensen met een Missie) share their experiences and views on the role of religion in the Women, Peace and Security agenda.

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We hope to inspire you and we look forward to sharing the knowledge and expertise of the amazing experts taking part. And we especially would like to hear from you!

Register now

You can register for one of the two sessions through the registration form below. You may also indicate if you want to share your experience/information in another manner. Please make sure you register before 8th of October COB.

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