CIDSE Fee 2013


Contribution to Cidse for the year 2013.

This project consists of the contribution from Cordaid to CIDSE for the year 2013.


  • Influencing policy making in the priority areas of CIDSE


CIDSE is an international alliance of Catholic development agencies. Its 17 members from Europe and Noth America share a common strategy in their efforts to eradicate poverty and establish global justice.

The work of CIDSE is:
– Joint advocacy in the areas of Resources for Development, Climate Justice, Food and Sustainable Agriculture and Business and Human Rights, as well as the cross-cutting priorities Sustainable Development, Global Governance and Gender Equality.
– Joint initiatives and strategising on development cooperation, with a focus on coordination, strengthening the impact of programmes and the advocacay of the Southern partners.

As an international alliance, communication, sharing and learning are key to the activitities. The work of CIDSE is facilitated by a Secretariat based in Brussels, Belgium.

Initial situation

Cordaid has supported the programme of CIDSE for many years.


The main goal of CIDSE is ‘working together in North and South’ though advocacy and campaigning and development co-operation.


  • Influencing policy making in the priority areas of CIDSE

Target group

The target group are the beneficiaries of the programmes of lobby and advocacy implemented by CIDSE.

Project plan

In 2013 CIDSE will focus on advocacy and campaigning in the field of food, agriculture and sustainable trade, resources for development, private sector and climate justice. Further, it will implement the development programmes on southers partner advocacy and extractives.


CIDSE believes in building an equitable and sustainable world via fundamental changes to dominant economic and social models. To make such a transition possible, the network aims at raising awareness of people’s alternatives, defining policy choices and building up public pressure on decision makers.

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