Ethiopia 2016 Open data

Empowerment Program for Aids Orphans


Support in the field of health, livelihood and psycho-social condition.

Cordaid works together with the Dutch Foundation Goede Werken Glorieux and the local partner organization Brothers of the Good Work in Ethiopia. This project aims at the empowerment of orphans with HIV/Aids and their caregivers in the domains of health, psycho-social condition and livelihood. This is realised by counselling, financial support, economic empowerment and educational support.


  • To support 175 vulnerable children and 100 caregivers


Even though there have been recent signs of a decline in HIV infection levels, the problem is still big as nearly 800.000 people are living with HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia. The area in which the project is located is Arada Sub city, woreda 02, 03 and 04, in Addis Abeba. In those 3 woreda’s the number of orphaned and vulnerable children is about 2.500. A significant number of those children do not go to school.

Initial situation

Cordaid has supported this project before under projectnumber 110298.


To improve the quality of life of orphans with HIV/AIDS and their caregivers.


  • To support 175 vulnerable children and 100 caregivers

Target group

The project will include 175 children, 109 caregivers and 4 children living in a group home.

Project plan

The project consists of:

– Drafting empowerment plans for each beneficiary;
– Group counselling sessions with caregivers;
– Individual counselling for caregivers and children;
– Financial subsidy provision for food or medical costs;
– Provision of school materials;
– Provision of Basic Business Skills training for groups of caregivers;


The empowerment process takes between 12 to 18 months. The Dutch Foundation and the local partner will search for additional funding to continue the program after this project period.

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