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CBOs and youth groups trained in behavioural change Communication

People are relational beings, and are drawn to others if they share character, interests, career and age bracket among others. In a community, people belong to different groups like Rotating Savings and Credit Associations for women, men can be drinking buddies or form traders associations and young people usually form sports teams, church fellowships, small business partnerships among other groups. To reach out to a community, it is more effective to penetrate into these groups. The RAHU SRHR Youth Fund reproductive health training involved not only staff members from the Community Based Organisations, but also members of the youth groups they mentor in their communities. With two staff members per organisation came five young people from different youth groups in their community, with the common expectation of being empowered with knowledge on Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights. Read blow updates from the 3 day training that was hosted at Ankrah Resort in Mukono.

#‎Day1‬ of the RAHU ‪#‎SRHR‬ Youth Fund CBOs and Youth Group training on Reproductive Health: It kicked off with registration, participants checking in at the beautiful Ankrah Resort in Mukono. Introductions were later made by the participants by name and organisations, and they were requested to note down professional and personal expectations from the workshop. They also formulated rules they should follow for an effective training. Sessions started off with ice breakers and formation of groups. By the end of the day, they had covered Behavior Change, sub- behaviors as well as determinants of intervention. The main moderators were Bakshi Asuman, RAHU’s Programs Manager and Amon Mulyowa, A Reproductive Health expert. The participants then wrote feedback on the day’s program, followed by last remarks from the RAHU team. Today we are defining SEXUALITY!

#Day2: After registration, a recap of the previous day was done including the review of the feedback about the previous day’s activities. Amon later introduced Winnie Akeso who was to be the day’s main facilitator. Winnie kicked off the session by asking participants to give their views about what they understand on SRHR. Groups were formed to discuss about the rights of young people and participants shared information about the sexual practices that young people engage in when in love. Later in the evening, the participants went for a community outreach in Bugujju trading centre in Mukono where they interacted with the community members on SRHR issues and distributed condoms. Participants learnt to communicate with different kinds of people. One group found community members watching a movie in a shelter and they joined them. After a while, these people gave them a listening ear, and they were able to talk to them. They encouraged others to try and blend in with the community before communicating. The day’s program was closed with a movie night and participants watched episodes of “SHUGA” season 4 .

#DAY3: On the last day of the workshop, we started with daily registration and a recap of the previous day. The first session was gender (facilitated by Amon Mulyowa), followed by stigma and discrimination (facilitated by both Bakshi Asuman and Amon Mulyowa). It was an interactive session where participants got the opportunity to give feedback. After lunch, Bakshi summed up all the day’s activities through his speech. He further summarised the action of the CBOs through his presentation with input from Amon. Timothy Lasuba of CHAIN Uganda extended a vote of thanks to the RAHU team on behalf of the CBOs. Humphrey Nabimanya was requested to communicate to the participants. He delivered a brief speech where he encouraged the CBOs to be focused and cooperative. He remarked, “ the youth fund project is not a competition neither is it a waste of time”. He urged the CBOs to stick to their objectives and goals for the success of their projects. Gilbert Beyamba, the Chief of Staff-RAHU gave the closing remarks to the participants and the workshop was officially closed by Bakshi Asuman. There was a “moment of fame” i.e. taking of pictures at the end of the workshop and cutting of the cake at Ankrah Foundation which marked the end of the workshop and the start of implementation. There was a brief interaction amongst the participants and RAHU staff before everyone departed for their respective destination.

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