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Hip Hop Meets SRHR

When someone mentions hip-hop or rap music, what comes to your mind? To many without hesitation, it’s drugs, sex and “gangster” lifestyle. However, to a few it’s a way to communicate stories, celebrate culture and educate people. +256 Youth Platform is a notable example of the few.

From the gym, to the road and public places,+256 Youth platform, a youth-led community based organization who are our RAHU SRHR Youth Fund select CBO from Iganga district, Eastern Uganda, using hip-hop to create awareness of sexual reproductive health challenges of young people. This is through a project named “Empowering Young People in SRHR using Hip Hop” that is going to work both in and out of secondary schools in Iganga municipality and Namungalwe sub-county.

The launch which took place on July 16th started at midday with a flash mob mobilization. SRHR information on safe sex and intimate violence was shared with the people around. This was done by the youths from +256 youth platform, some of whom attended the RAHU training on SRHR where they got the accurate information to share. At the venue, there were hip hop performances on various sexual topics like safe sex and living a good life from different young people from in and out of Iganga municipality.

The project launch was graced by David Balaba, the mayor of Iganga Municipality who commended the young people for using music to communicate positive messages to their peers instead of singing about influence issues like promoting drug use in communities.

Bakshi Khan Asuman, the Programs Manager in charge of SRHR implementation at Reach A Hand Uganda, emphasised the need of using mediums that young people understand and can relate to, so as to communicate behavioral change messages to their peers especially when it comes to sexual reproductive health challenges.

At the closure of the ceremony, RAHU shared a few SRHR IEC materials to use when implementing their work in their community.

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