2015 Open data

M&E at the Annual Youth Health Camp

Having completed the first three days of the Organization Development (OD) training, which was a great learning experience where the RAHU and Double Loop teams enjoyed getting to know the 4 CBOs and guiding them step by step in better understanding their organizations, we embarked on the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) training on the 29th April, two weeks after the OD training. During this two week break, the COB members reviewed and internalised the information shared with them during the OD training. At the one day training on Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), we couldn’t help it but host them at our 2nd Annual Youth Health Camp where they got an opportunity to see how the Reach A Hand team implements some of its activities.

By the end of the training process the CBO participants were equipped with basic monitoring and evaluation practices and techniques and the RAHU SRHR M&E tools. This was also a chance for them to familiarize themselves with Reproductive Health and Rights Information dissemination as the RAHU team, peer educators and local partners were doing just that at the week long Annual Youth Health Camp. Watch the video to see what transpired at the youth health camp!

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