2015 Open data

Organizational Assessment Visits

After a tasking interviewing process of a selection of 10 organizations out of over 60 applications, four CBOs were selected to be supported under the RAHU SRHR Youth Fund. For the team to understand their needs, strengths and challenges, an organizational assessment was in order. With support from Inger kammeraat of DoubleLoop, Gilbert Beyamba and Maureen Andinda hit the road to Wakiso, Mbarara, Mpigi and Jinja from 23rd to 28th March to visit the CBOs. They spent a day with each of the different CBO teams, board members, volunteers, and beneficiaries engaging in discussions with management and staff. The interactions focused on their knowledge and approach of SRHR and administration, organisational structures, to understand what is there and how things function. Financial management (bookkeeping, procedures, use of assets, and where applicable, audit reports).

Through the timeline exercise we were able to highlight the milestones, and strategic plan of each organisation. Each organization had the opportunity to present a project that had already been implemented from identification of the project idea, design, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, closing, giving the assessment team an opportunity to better understand each organization’s approach.

This organizational assessment was able to highlight the differences between the CBOs and how each method of operation was working for these organizations as different entities. It provided an opportunity to clearly measure and compare the differences within these organizations so as to understand how best to properly assist each organization to build on its strengths. The assessment exercise in general was no easy task but worthwhile nonetheless because a very clear image of the RAHU SRHR Youth Fund CBOs was drawn, setting a very solid foundation for implementation of the projects from these organizations.

The organizational assessment was a gruelling but exciting start to a great journey into SRHR information sharing and youth empowerment.

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