2016 Open data

RAHU SRHR Youth Fund: Reflections of Year One

On the 22nd of March, the team from Reach A Hand Uganda and Double Loop charged with managing the RAHU SRHR Youth Fund project met with the beneficiary organizations (Child Awake Initiative Africa, Muduuma Youth Network, Real Agency for Community Development and Kyuka Youth Outreach) at a learning and exchange meeting that took place at Sir Jose Hotel in Ggaba, Kampala. The purpose of the meeting was to share growth and experiences from the first year, lessons learned as well as challenges and the steps taken to address these challenges.

The Programs Manager for RAHU in charge of Monitoring, Learning and Evaluation, Maureen Andinda made a presentation to the organization on their progress since implementing activities under the project. She explained why it was crucial to develop the capacity of the organizations, their overall progress, the achievements that were noted and the challenges.

The analysis given by Maureen created an opportunity to discuss amongst the attendees why capacity development was vital for them as growing organizations with basic structures, the different achievements that each organization had made – these included, but were not limited to; increased visibility of the organizational brand in their community. Increased resource mobilization power as well as better systems for monitoring and evaluation.

The participants were given a chance to share their challenges and how each one of them worked to overcome these impediments. Chris Atorine, the team leader from Real Agency for Community Development highlighted inconsistent SRHR information from gatekeepers of young people such as parents and teachers which contradicted with their information. He explained that they had to engage the different stakeholders in a discussion to enable the streamlining of information to the youth in Mbarara to avoid confusing messages from different sources.

Timothy Lasuba from Child Awake Initiative Africa, however shared some of the lessons that his organization learnt that is how to acquire more funding for program implementation, how to carry out M&E, keeping track of financial accountability, liaising with partners and mobilizing communities for SRHR activations.

Janet Kukundakwe, the Financer officer at RAHU, made a presentation to the organizations focusing on feedback from their financial reports. She commended them for the efficient management of funds and stressed the importance of diversifying their income streams.

An analysis of the SRHR component of the RAHU SRHR Youth Fund for the first year was made by Bakshi Asuman, the Porgrams Manager, SRHR Implementation at RAHU. He focused on programming for the communities, communicating to the target group to spur behavioral change and how to involve different stakeholders in the programming.

Anneke Maarse from Double Loop together with the team leader from RAHU, Humphrey Nabimanya crowned the meeting with the next steps for the Youth Fund project and reflection on the activities that the organizations would implement to reach their communities with SRHR information.

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