2015 Open data


On 2nd April 2015, the team from Reach A Hand, Uganda got the opportunity to interact with the Cordaid Health Care Finance Officer for Africa, Maarten Oranje during his visit to Uganda. It was an interactive engagement where expectations between Cordaid and RAHU were discussed. Aimed at better understanding the partnership, Maarten interacted with the team that is; Humphrey Nabimanya, Daphne Assimwe, Janet Kukundakwe, Linda Mwesigwa, Bakshi Asuman, Athibert Atukunda, Maureen Andinda and Gilbert Beyamba, to get a feel of how activities are carried out at Reach A Hand.

Having recently finished the CBO assessment with support from DoubleLoop, Gilbert Beyamba and Maureen Andinda, who are directly handling the RAHU SRHR Youth Fund shared their experience with Maarten about the project and its progress thus far. Maarten was kind enough to share his financial knowledge with the finance team and Cordaid’s financial expectations for the RAHU SRHR Youth Fund. He also shared the Performance Based Funding model that Cordaid is using with some partners in Eastern Uganda, a model that we found quite interesting as it motivates and encourages performance.

On a lighter note, insights were shared and comparisons made about youth issues in different parts of the world where Cordaid has partners, especially in Africa. We discussed issues surrounding SRHR in countries such as Ghana and Sierra Leone and how they relate to Uganda. To crown the visit, being young people, we convinced Maarten to take a selfie with the team on our famous RAHU wall of fame.

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