2016 Open data

Selecting the 2016 RAHU SRHR Youth Fund beneficiaries

From April 25th to April 29th 2016, the Reach A Hand, Uganda (RAHU) programs team led by Maureen Andinda and Bakshi Asuman alongside Vincent Mujune, an associate from Double Loop, a capacity development consultancy, carried out an interview / assessment process for six organizations in the eastern districts of Jinja and Iganga.

The assessment was meant to select the 2016 RAHU SRHR Youth Fund beneficiaries, following a pre-selection exercise which was previously carried out on April 23rd, 2016 by RAHU staff following a set criteria and guidelines laid out for the Youth Fund, applicants from 6 organizations from Jinja and Iganga collectively, were shortlisted.

The interview and assessment process commenced in Iganga on the 25th of April with the RAHU / Double Loop team visiting CBOs; Street Revolution Uganda, +256 Youth Platform and Dominic Care. The interview exercise aimed at having a deeper understanding of the organizations, the passion behind their founding and their innovative idea for the RAHU SRHR Youth Fund.

At the end of the two day organizational assessment in Iganga, the team managed to zero in on +256 Youth Platform, an exciting and energetic group of youth who are using Hip Hop music, body health (gym sessions) and a library to carry out amazing sensitization activities on SRHR.

The youth in Iganga under +256 Youth Platform, are dynamic, spirited and vibrant. They have managed to attract young people in the local area because of the music and a gym which are very commonly liked by youth. The platform has used this opportunity to empower the young people with SRHR interventions. However, like any start up organization, they have a multitude of challenges. These challenges include; hindrance from the community based on cultural grounds, limited resources to execute activities as well as informal organizational systems and structures. In spite of this, the RAHU SRHR Youth Fund team is hopeful to see the transformation of this vibrant organization during the 2016 grant period.

While in Jinja, 3 CBOs were vetted and these were; Build the Youth Africa, Live With Hope Uganda as well as Care and Empowerment of the Vulnerable in Africa (CAEVA). With the hope to use drama shows in the community, the passion to serve their community is infectious.

The RAHU SRHR Youth Fund team is excited to partner with +256 Youth Platform and CAEVA to empower a wider network of young people with information on SRHR in the communities of Jinja and Iganga and is confident that 2016 / 2017 will be an impactful year in these districts.

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