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Strengthening the CBOs through coaching visits: The Journey so far

An evolutionary and leadership spectrum, toward self-management and prosperity, wholeness, and a deeper sense of community transformation, is glowing at the grassroot organizations we have been working with.

A lot of success has been registered by the community based organizations (CBOs) that we partner with on the RAHU SRHR Youth Fund. The project, which was launched last year, is aimed at reaching out to young people in rural communities with information on their Sexual and Reproductive Health at around this time last year. Child Awake Initiative (CHAIN), Kyuka Youth Outreach, Real Agency for Community Development (RACD) and Muduuma Youth Network have done a fundamental job in transforming young people’s health in their communities.

Here are our few cents from the visits.

We kicked off our journey with a visit to Muduuma Youth Network (MUYNET) in Mpigi District. An enthusiastic team of youth whose friendship and passion to give up to their community grew during their time at university. The team has been able to map out key challenges affecting the community like Menstrual hygiene and access to reproductive health services including family planning. They have been able to partner with the government aided health center to increase young people’s access to those services.

Our coaching visit campus then turned East as we headed to CHAIN Africa in Jinja, at the source of the Nile. CHAIN has transformed greatly from the time we first encountered them. It now boasts of being at the center of a network of local partners for example Red Cross Society, The AIDS Information Center, Tspeak media, Centre for Performing Arts and Culture, Care and Empowerment of the Vulnerable Youth Africa – CAEVA, Ring of Hope, KOtv, Smart Fm, Apex Fm, Source Fm and District health office in the health centres of Bugembe, Kimaka, walukuba, jinja central division and wakitaka within Jinja District. This has not only made it possible for it to reach numerous young people in the region, but it has also gained respect and solid foundation in being embraced as one of the vibrant and rising youth led CBOs in the region.

In the West, RACD from the western district of Mbarara, has championed the creation of more youth groups in the local community. It has trained more peer educators and has carried out community and school outreach, engaged the local leadership to commit to youth SRHR programs in Mbarara district including the local media house to openly have discussion on young people’s reproductive health.

Our final lap of the coaching visits was at Kyuka Youth Outreach. Kyuka has transformed programming in Wakiso by using creative arts to impact as many young people’s lives as possible through a wider coverage in their community including the local churches. As a result of the organizational and capacity development from the RAHU SRHR Youth Fund, Kyuka has had fundamental internal changes for example improving on the structural setting of the organization to streamline and smoothen the daily run of their activities.

The four grassroot organizations have made significant strides from last year to date. They have made countless efforts to advocate for the improvement of youth friendly health services for the youth in their areas, access to correct information on reproductive health and empowerment. All these efforts have been as a result of combined synergies between the RAHU SRHR Youth Fund team as well as expertise from Double Loop.

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