Restoring grasslands


Ecosystem restoration

Promoting contour trenching (digging trenches along height-lines) in a corridor from the Indian ocean to the inland mountains in Kenya with the intention that the trenches will avoid surface runoff of rain water and stimulate percolation into the soil. The extra water will allow vegetation to restore and may increase the precipitation rates (so called water recycling).


  • Communities implementing measures to reduce vulnerability


Grassland, farmland and forests have become so degraded that they no longer produce regular pasture for livestock, crops of food for wildlife. They have lost virtually all their natural vegetation. As the climate dries and droughts become more prevalent people constantly face famine. Land degradation is the most alarming environmental problem in drylands, land degradation is termed desertification which has repercution at local and trans boundary leve. This impacts food security, poverty and migration. The Naga Foundation founded in 2010 has developed and implemented activities that aim to reverse the process of desertification, by rehabilitation of degraded soils and re-greening environments.

Initial situation

This is an exploration relationship,


To stop the erosion in the area and provide drinking water for all local people and their livestock.


  • Communities implementing measures to reduce vulnerability

Target group

Direct beneficiaries are 11.000 small farmers members of a cooperative .

Project plan

The construction of a dam to divert the river back into its original bedding.
To excavate trenches at the height contours of the land
Training of local communities on checking and maintaining of the dam and trenches
Training of local people on assessment of the re-greening results in cooperation with the University of Wageningen and UNESCO-IHE
Land management training for community members
Tree planting for soil improvement and energy supply for cooking,


Due to heavy erosion this area is slowly drying out and the grass is disappearing. By using the water of the Olgulului River and leading the water back in the area to be trenched grass will re-emerge and will be able to feed the cattle and the communities in the future.

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