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Creating a service hub for domestic violence victims in Philippi

In Philippi, a township in Cape Town, domestic violence is one of the most widespread forms of violence. Together with local and international partners the focus is on improving the capacity and provision of social services and development-oriented related services by working together.


  • Improved service-delivery for women, children and youth
  • Pilot projects on multi-stakeholder collaboration and domestic violence implemented


House of Smiles in Philippi, Cape Town, is a compound where different organizations provide several different services to the surrounding communities ranging from waste collection and re-use to cultural activities. In the past Cordaid has been supporting one of the youth organizations and their activities, which have their basis at the compound. What binds them and the other organisations is their provision of services in the community for prevention, protection and reintegration for victims of domestic violence. Nevertheless, the organizations need to improve their coordination and quality of services to become a real hub, capable of providing a coordinated support to the victims at local level and of networking with the other service providers and authorities at city-wide, regional and national level in order to integrate their services.

Initial situation

Cordaid and CESVI have been working together in Cape Town for several years. Since 2011 Cordaid is initiating a new way of working towards an integrated neighborhood approach, in which we aim to improve multiple issues of slum life in cooperation with involved parties such as local communities, the local authorities, the private sector and NGOs.


The goal is to improve the service delivery for women, children and youth in informal settlements in Cape Town through active citizenship, coordination and multi-stakeholder engagements:

1. Khanyisa Centre in Philippi (also known as the house of smiles) functions as a coordinated service hub for victims of domestic violence
2. The organizational and technical capacity of public and private service providers and community action groups dealing with domestic violence in Philippi is strengthened
3. Improved civic and local authorities engagement for delivery of services on domestic violence


  • Improved service-delivery for women, children and youth
  • Pilot projects on multi-stakeholder collaboration and domestic violence implemented

Target group

Domestic violence in Philippi is particularly affecting women, children and youth.

Project plan

To achieve the three set goals, three related work packages have been developed. These include technical assistance, training in transformative development practice and the facilitation of multi-stakeholder meetings to develop a joint strategy and sub granting of related initiatives. At the same time lobby activities will be undertaken.

The project will last 18 months.


The project has been designed to have impact at a technical, social and policy level while the higher coordination of the service delivery among different stakeholders shall induce an increased efficiency in the use of resources from a systemic perspective, although it is difficult to measure in economic terms.

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