2015 Open data

Water ATM cards make 1500 families resilient

More than 1500 families have purchased their Smart Water Shop ATM cards, giving them 24/7 access to clean, pure, RO (reverse osmosis) filtered drinking water in the villages of Anand, Gujarat. Kantaben comes to the smart water shop whenever she is free from her domestic duties and collects 10 liters of water in her utensils daily.
” It is so convenient to come and fetch water now, whenever we want. And using the card is so easy that my daughter wants to go there every time, the automatic dispensing machine is fun for her every time she uses it.”

10 villages have benefited from the pilot project of Smart Water Shops installed by Cordaid along with EPGL, Gujarat. The villagers are made aware of the benefits of clean drinking water through awareness drives and IEC’s. College children from the villages are first trained by the staff of EPGL, who then undertake house to house awareness on the need for clean drinking water and how it reduces water-borne illnesses, reducing the monthly medical expenses. The nominal charge paid for the water easily outweighs the medical expenses that the families have to bear due to unclean and hard water. “We will complete the successful operation of these 10 plants and the “Proof of Concept” phase by May 2015. Corporates in Gujarat and other states are showing interest in this model, which pays back on their investments in a matter of 4 years, enabling them to further invest in more water shops.” said Gerdien Seegers, project head for Smart Water Shops.

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