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Diaspora engagement in Afghanistan

Diaspora members remit millions of US dollars to Afghanistan annually through formal and informal channels. According to the World Bank, a total of 5.82 billion US dollars was formally remitted to Afghanistan between 2008 and 2020. Despite the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, Afghan diaspora remitted 785 million dollars in 2020 alone, which contributed 4.1% to the GDP.

Due to the size of the Afghan labour diaspora in these countries, Afghanistan receives the largest amount of remittances from Iran and Pakistan. Meanwhile, other major remittance sending countries include the UK, the United States, Germany, and the Netherlands. Overall, beyond sending remittances, diaspora can also contribute by transferring skills, knowledge, technology, entrepreneurship, and providing humanitarian aid to their countries of origin. Thus, they are salient agents of development in their countries of origin. Their contribution can even be considered as an alternative for development aid.

The objective of this policy brief is threefold:

  • to provide an overview of the Dutch government policies on diaspora and development;
  • to provide an overview of the fields of engagement of the Afghan Dutch Diaspora Organizations (ADDOs);
  • to provide policy recommendations to different stakeholders for further support to the ADDO’s engagement in the socio-economic development of Afghanistan.

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