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Cordaid NL
Resilience Security and Justice

Community driven change – our road towards peace

Over the past four years, the context in South Sudan has been troublesome and is characterized by recurrent outbreaks of nation-wide and local conflicts. About 4 million citizens have been forced to flee their hometowns, leaving their livelihoods, family and friends behind.

Displaced people in Aburoch, South Sudan. Photo: Ilvy Njiokiktjien

Even though South Sudan has recently been labeled by the United States Agencies for International Development (USAID) ‘the most dangerous country in the world [to work in] for aid workers’, many organizations and individuals stay committed to deliver humanitarian aid and contribute to a more peaceful society.

Cordaid has been able to continue its work in these extremely harsh times thanks to these local organizations.

Read more about our experiences from the program Interlinking Peacebuilding, Decentralization and Development in this publication.

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