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Cordaid in CAR: your trusted partner for over 30 years

After being confronted with a major political and humanitarian crisis, the Central African Republic currently faces numerous challenges, including the restoration of basic structures such as healthcare, justice, education and security. Cordaid has been present in the country for over three decades. Together with our partners, we know how to quickly adapt to local communities’ needs and emergencies.

Cordaid, in collaboration with its civil society partners and the Catholic Church, has accumulated thirty years’ worth of experience in the Central African Republic, in long-term development projects as well as in emergency aid. In order to become operational in the CAR, Cordaid decided in 2008 to open offices in Bangui and in Bouar so as to successfully carry out those health programs underpinned by the innovative Results-Based Financing (RBF) approach. These health programs have progressively expanded and have been followed up by new activities in the field of education, security and justice, emergency aid and food security.

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