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End-Term Evaluation Report – Capacitating Change, Restoring the Social Contract in Fragile Contexts

At the end of 2020, Cordaid closed its 5 year Strategic Partnership Capacitating Change: Restoring the social contract in fragile contexts. This programme, a 5-year partnership of 45 local CSOs and 5 international NGOs, funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the Dialogue & Dissent funding framework, commenced in 2016 and ran until the end of 2020. The partnership aimed to strengthen the social contract, characterized by improved interaction and accountability between governments and their citizens in six countries: Afghanistan, Burundi, Central African Republic (CAR), Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Nigeria and South Sudan.

The partnership was implemented along four thematic trajectories: inclusive and engendered peace; security and access to justice; extractives; and inclusive health services. The partnership contained a strong lobbying and advocacy component, focusing on strengthening the social contracts in the fragile contexts in which the partnership was implemented, by conducting lobbying and advocacy at the local, national and international levels.

This End-Term Evaluation Report, executed by the Africa Centre for People, Institutions and Society (ACEPIS) based in Kenya, presents an assessment of the programme over its 5-year run time, evaluating whether and where the programme can be seen to have contributed to strengthening the social contract in the implementation countries.

At the links below you will find: 1) the full End-Term Evaluation Report by ACEPIS of the Partnership; 2) the Executive Summary of the End-Term Evaluation Report.

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