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Facilitation handbook for working with religious leaders on sexual and reproductive health for young people

Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) represents a critical challenge for all countries, local communities and those responsible for young people. Young people, especially adolescent girls and young women, suff er disproportionately from negative sexual and reproductive health outcomes that challenge their ability to contribute to their communities’ and countries’ development. Cordaid works together with religious leaders of all denominations who have a considerable amount of influence to make sure young people have the ability and opportunity to make informed decisions when it comes to their own sexual health and family planning.

In recognition of the strong influential role religious leaders play in the lives of young people, Cordaid developed an interfaith tool to educate and empower them with the necessary information and skills to better understand and support young people to shape their own future regarding their SRH.

Read more about this facilitation handbook by downloading our brochure.

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