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Handbook on integrating gender in peacebuilding and statebuilding

What is the purpose of the handbook?

This handbook has been developed to strengthen and support the policy and programming work of key state and non-state actors in fragile and conflict-affected contexts (FCAS) involved in peacebuilding and statebuilding. It provides an easy-to-use reference manual and guidance on the how to of integrating gender issues into their peacebuilding and statebuilding work.

The key objectives of the handbook are to:

  • Increase awareness of why integrating a gender perspective is important and how it can strengthen peacebuilding and statebuilding processes
  • Synthesise existing evidence to enhance understanding of key issues, policies and principles relevant to gender, peacebuilding and statebuilding in FCAS
  • Inform the development and implementation of more gender-sensitive policies around peacebuilding and statebuilding in FCAS
  • Provide the tools needed to integrate gender in all stages of the project cycle from analysis through to program design, monitoring and evaluation
  • Document examples of good practice and effective programming to promote sharing and lessons learned

Who is this handbook for?

The handbook is intended for use by all stakeholders working in or on fragile and conflict-affected states. It is particularly relevant for stakeholders involved in programming in these contexts, from both a donor or host government perspective. Civil society actors can also use the handbook in their work. Researchers and policy-makers will find the sections on policy frameworks, case studies and recent evidence from the literature particularly useful. The tools and tip sheets contained in the handbook should be applicable to diverse contexts, and it is hoped that stakeholders will use and adapt the material to build capacity and knowledge within their own organizations and institutions.

Content of the handbook

This handbook is structured into four sections with accompanying tip sheets along with two annexes that provide an overview of key policy frameworks and a comprehensive list of further resources to easily direct practitioners to additional reading and materials to deepen understanding on key issues. In brief, the handbook covers the following:

  1. Gender, peacebuilding and statebuilding: Understanding the policy framework Overview of the rationale for integrating gender into peacebuilding and statebuilding and brief analysis of the most relevant policy frameworks
  2. Gender-sensitive conflict analysis: An overview of frameworks that could be used to ensure a gender-sensitive approach to conflict and political economy analysis.
  3. Gender-sensitive project design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation in FCAS: Making the case for and providing step-by-step guidance on undertaking gender-sensitive data, monitoring and evaluation in peacebuilding and statebuilding contexts.
  4. Financing for gender-sensitive peacebuilding and statebuilding: Overview of the current state of financing for gender-related activities in fragile and conflict-affected contexts and guidance on how gender budgeting and other strategies could be applied to leverage greater financial and technical resources for this work. Each section also includes a number of tip sheets that are short, practical and user-friendly summaries that support users in applying the concepts and tools outlined in the handbook. The handbook has been designed in a way that allows users to dip in and out of the sections that they are interested in or find more relevant, and the tip sheets can be downloaded individually or as part of the complete handbook.

How to use the handbook?

  • As a reference guide: Deepen understanding of key issues; synthesis of latest evidence and learning on these issues; overview of relevant policy context
  • As a practical tool: For providing guidance in all stages of project cycle; tip sheets and how to guides in carrying out analysis, design, monitoring and evaluation to ensure gender-sensitive PBSB
  • As a training and capacity-building resource: Provide the knowledge and tools needed to increase understanding and awareness of these issues as well as build the skills needed to apply it.


Download the handbook through the link below (French and English)

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