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We must Walk the Talk: how to foster resilience through localisation

When development is not owned and led by the communities, it does not last. At Cordaid we have been looking closely at the link between structural changes we need to undertake at local, national and international levels to secure local leadership (localisation) and climate resilience. The key question we seek to address is: how to foster resilience by having local communities and people ‘in the driving seat’.

To reflect on this question the policy paper “Localisation: an essential step to resilience” shares relevant best practices and recommendations based on Cordaid’s experience, especially while working within the Partners for Resilience alliance. The policy paper presents concrete cases from the Philippines, Indonesia, and Uganda of how communities are taking the lead in building climate resilience to cope with climate change. And it provides a series of recommendations to make local leadership a reality. These include:

  • Create time and flexibility to build on local demands, capacities and structures.
  • Ensure greater local accountability and systemic analysis and learning for and from local partners and communities.
  • Build confidence and linkages between donors and local actors
  • Scale up localisation advocacy towards donors and
  • Walk the Talk: INGOs must review their own roles, structures and systems to strengthen localisation.

Building on experiences from the Philippines, Uganda and Indonesia, Cordaid recently organised a webinar to look at:

  1. How localisation and resilience principles align
  2. What complementary roles Cordaid, local partners and communities play in ensuring local leadership and
  3. Key recommendations to ensure localisation is mainstreamed

Colleagues and local Civil Society Organizations working on resilience came up with valuable feedback and recommendations on how to further foster resilience successfully through localisation. To know more, read the full session report here.

First download: Localisation and Resilience Policy Paper
Second download: Localisation webinar report

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