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Cordaid NL

Cordaid, social entrepreneurship and catholic social thought

This publication, written by former Cordaid CEO René Grotenhuis, analyzes to what extent the social enterprise is compatible with the values of catholic social thought. 

Cordaid’s commitment to flourishing communities is situated in the context of a constantly changing social and economic reality. One of the new developments is the emergence of social enterprises. These enterprises are not driven by individual profit but aim to contribute to a more just and sustainable world. More and more Cordaid  is exploring the social enterprise model  as a way of achieving its objectives.

Two important conclusions drawn by Grotenhuis are:

  • Catholic social thought has never presented itself as an economic or organizational system. It is a set of values for any socio-economic system and a source of inspiration that can be used to make choices in the currently globalized world and to set goals that are based on Christian spirituality.
  • Social enterprises, which have social and environmental benefits as their ultimate goal, are highly compatible with the Catholic social teachings.

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