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Cordaid NL
Security and Justice

Supporting Primary Justice in Insecure Contexts

Supporting Primary Justice in Insecure Contexts

Strategy Document: Policy and Programming Recommendations
South Sudan & Afghanistan

This strategy paper presents policy and programming recommendations for practitioners and policy makers following an applied socio-legal research trajectory, carried out among communities and institutions in two districts in Afghanistan and several counties in South Sudan. The research explored people’s concerns and conceptions, responses and remedies, as well as potential synergies between the strategies of state and non-state actors, regarding the access to primary justice in insecure contexts.

The research project was implemented between 2014 and 2016 through an academic-practitioner (NGO) research collaboration, that is, the Van Vollenhoven Institute (VVI) of Leiden University and Cordaid. VVI has extensive academic research experience on formal and informal legal systems. Cordaid is one of the largest development organizations in the Netherlands, supporting in particular partners working on community-based security and justice in fragile and conflict-affected states. Both organizations have an extensive network of international as well as local partners and researchers in the countries studied. The research project was part of the applied research program ‘Embedding Justice in Power and Politics’ funded by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) and supported by the ‘Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law’ of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

By combining academic experience and context-specific knowledge and networks, this project aspired to co-create practicable methodologies and knowledge products that can directly feed into development efforts aimed at facilitating the emergence, building and strengthening of accessible justice at district/county level, in which complementary statutory and customary justice mechanisms have a place.

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