Videos on Investments

    Resi Janssen, Cordaid Senior Investment Manager, on Cordaid’s Investment activities 
    Cordaid is one of the few investors that is not faint-hearted and is taking the risk to invest in fragile countries, like Sierra Leone and South Sudan. In this following video, shown at a conference in Abidjan, Ivory Coast’s economic capital, in June 2016, Cordaid’s Investment Manager Resi Janssen shares her experience with investing in fragile countries. She discusses risks and mitigating measures.

    Business support and finance for SMEs in Sierra Leone
    In Sierra Leone, Cordaid provides business development support (BDS) and finance to selected small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). In this video, Dr. Braima Dama James explains how his company, Home Food & Drinks Ltd, has benefited from the BDS program by Cordaid and the loan he is currently receiving from Cordaid Investments. Cordaid CEO Simone Filippini and Country Director Sharron Kelliher further explain how and why Cordaid is assisting SMEs in fragile contexts.

    iCredIT: Paperless credit for rural entrepreneurs in Nicaragua

    Investing in Female Entrepreneurship 

    Supporting local entrepreneurs with the Rural Finance Initiative 
    After a long civil war and with a renewed conflict, South Sudan is in the process of rebuilding its economy. By increasing the availability of financial services for rural entrepreneurs, we aim to contribute to the overall reconstruction of the country.

    Supporting Passionate Female Business Ideas in South Sudan, 2015

    Providing Access To Finance South Sudanese Micro Entrepreneurs, 2015