Serious Gaming

    Cordaid has developed two serious board games: the Urban Collaboration Game and the Urban Planning Game. These games are used as workshop tools to facilitate multi stakeholder processes in cities. Stakeholders involved in a specific area are mobilized around a common agenda, based on their own interests. When win-win situations for all parties are identified, points of action are cooperatively agreed upon and planned.

    Why the need?

    NGOs and communities usually recognize their individual roles and responsibilities. Yet they are often not able to overcome their internal political contradictions and power relations with respect to the local authorities and private sector. This can interfere with successful solutions that will be beneficial to all parties. Multi stakeholder engagement is a complex process that goes beyond consultation and participation. It involves stakeholders who, on the basis of their own interests, work together on a common agenda. It is recommended that multi stakeholder engagement processes are incorporated in local planning procedures.

    The games are specifically designed to create a safe space where representatives of local authorities and other stakeholders, like community representatives, can sit down together and debate these issues. It is important that all sides have the political will to join the table. While playing the games, stakeholders will discover that they can only reach their own objectives through cooperation.

    Key Aspects

    • Facilitates discussions between stakeholders to identify opportunities for improving the quality of life and economy in slums areas;
    • Gives slum dwellers a central role in urban planning: new initiatives will be better tuned to the needs and aspirations of the slum residents;
    • Involves both public and private stakeholders in urban planning: the coordination of development initiatives and the synergy between these will improve;
    • Keeps discussion between stakeholders constructive, rather than overly argumentative, by using game elements.

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    How do the games work and what is our role?

    > Read it in our fact sheet on Serious Gaming

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