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Give Ukrainians a Shelterbag against the cold

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Houses shot to pieces, sub-zero temperatures, no electricity or heating as power stations are bombed. People in Ukraine have to survive in the freezing cold. At home, in metro stations and reception centres.

Help them stay warm! By donating 100 euros you give a Shelterbag from Sheltersuit: a sleeping bag, mattress and tent in one. Cordaid makes sure your gift finds its way to people in war zones who need it most.

Teaming up to act fast

Sheltersuit, the designer of the Shelterbag, and Cordaid are teaming up to help Ukrainians in need during these cold months. With its 3-in-1 bag, Sheltersuit offers an innovative solution that provides warmth and shelter. Cordaid has an extensive network in Ukraine and knows how to manage large-scale humanitarian operations in war zones. By joining forces, we can reach out fast to a lot of people in a country ravaged by war for nearly a year.

What is a Shelterbag?

A Shelterbag is an innovative product developed by Sheltersuit, a social enterprise whose mission is to improve the living conditions of the homeless people and people in need. The Shelterbag is made of waterproof and windproof materials and comes with an integrated mat and sleeping bag. Thanks to this unique combination of features, it is an effective emergency response solution for people exposed to severe cold and with no suitable place to sleep, such as the thousands of Ukrainians today.

Give Ukrainians a Shelterbag against the cold
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