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Cordaid NL

About us

Cordaid works to end poverty and exclusion. We do this in the world’s most fragile and conflict-affected areas as well as in the Netherlands.

We engage communities to rebuild trust and resilience and increase people’s self-reliance. Our professionals provide humanitarian assistance and create opportunities to improve security, health care and education and stimulate inclusive economic growth.

Worldwide partner network

We are supported by nearly 300,000 private donors in the Netherlands and by a worldwide partner network. Cordaid is a founding member of Caritas Internationalis and CIDSE.

The overriding challenge in fragile and (post-)conflict countries is restoring trust and social cohesion, at community level and between communities and the state. This is what Cordaid does, right in the heart of communities, by mobilizing global networks, resources and knowledge. By doing this, we help people move beyond survival and live in dignity.

Our vision

Half of the world’s poor people live in countries that are affected by fragility, conflict, and violence. This is a critical development challenge. Conflicts drive 80% of all humanitarian needs. They force people to seek safer grounds. Currently, more than 70 million people are forcibly displaced. Many of them die in the attempt to seek safer grounds and to enjoy minimal levels of peace, security, and prosperity.

Cordaid does not accept this world of inequality, exclusion, and unsustainability. We envisage a world where the basics of a life in dignity are available to all. Where the poorest and the most excluded people can influence the decisions that affect them. Where each person is free to flourish and can live in peace.

We believe all humans are a single family and the earth with all its resources is our common home.

Our mission

We focus on fragility
Cordaid is the Catholic Organization for Relief and Development Aid. Inspired by compassion, solidarity, and subsidiarity, we see it as our mission to reduce fragility and the vulnerability of people where it is most needed and most difficult: in fragile and conflict-affected societies.

We focus our efforts in some of the world’s most conflict-torn and volatile areas in countries like South Sudan, Afghanistan, the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo. We do this by promoting equality and social inclusion, by increasing the resilience of people and societies and by strengthening the social contract between citizens and their governments.

We link relief and development
Wherever we can we combine lifesaving humanitarian aid with the longer-term improvement of health care systems, economic opportunities and disaster resilience, and the promotion of security and justice.

We are part of the Caritas family
Cordaid is a proud and active member of Caritas Internationalis, a global confederation of over 160 catholic organizations, working at the grassroots in almost every country in the world. When a crisis hits, we are on the ground. Together we reach out to the poor and the excluded, regardless of race and religion.

Read more about how Cordaid is ‘Working in and on Fragility’ in this strategy paper.