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What we do

Wherever it is needed most, we provide health care services, emergency relief, food security, education, and access to justice. We also empower people economically by facilitating jobs and by promoting gender equality.

With a longstanding track record and dedicated professionals working worldwide, we possess the resources, skills, and networks to make positive change happen, even in the toughest and most desperate circumstances.



Recognising major trends and developments in our global context, we strategically embed these four cross-cutting areas into everything we do.


  • Triple nexus

    We aim to link relief to rehabilitation, development and peace
  • Climate justice

    We actively pursue sustainability principles across all our activities
  • Gender equity

    We want equal rights for women, men, and non-binary people
  • Diversity and inclusion

    We need diversity to build peaceful, equitable and resilient societies

System strengthening: the sustainable way forward

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