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Our integrity policy

We are committed to ensuring that Cordaid is a safe and welcoming workplace, that we treat everyone with respect and dignity, and that we use all responsibilities, assets, resources, and funds entrusted to us appropriately.

When it comes to the behaviour of our employees and all those who represent our organisation, we hold ourselves to the highest possible standards of integrity.

In addition, we recognise that the protection and safety of people in the fragile areas in which we work are of the utmost importance. Therefore, all our staff commits to the Cordaid Code of Conduct.


Anyone who witnesses any type of misconduct or experiences any form of undesirable behaviour from a person who represents Cordaid can confidentially report this.

If you have a different type of complaint about Cordaid’s work, please read our general complaints procedure.

Cordaid’s approach to integrity

Cordaid’s approach to integrity is described in our Integrity Framework. This document guides you to the relevant policies and procedures.

The purpose of our Integrity Framework is to create a work environment that is free from intimidation, fraudulent behaviour, conflict of interest and (sexual) misconduct. We achieve this by raising awareness about integrity and promoting an atmosphere in which colleagues can hold each other accountable whenever they feel lines are being crossed.

Furthermore, it is vital that people who are affected by inappropriate behaviour are able to report this quickly and safely.

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Cordaid’s Code of Conduct defines our general standards of behaviour.

Cordaid’s safeguarding policy defines our standards to ensure the well-being and safety of everyone who comes into contact with Cordaid, including staff and adult and child beneficiaries.

Cordaid’s fraud policy defines our standards to prevent corruption, asset, and cash misappropriation and financial statement fraud and outlines the related measures for prevention, reporting, case handling, and sanctions.

Cordaid’s conflict of interest policy describes conflicts of interest and outlines the procedure to disclose and resolve conflicts.

Cordaid’s anti-terrorism and anti-money laundering policy defines terrorism and money laundering and outlines measures for prevention, detection, monitoring, and reporting.

Cordaid’s Integrity Standard Operating Procedures define the procedures on how to report and handle suspected integrity breaches.