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How we work

Our interventions are solution-oriented, aligned with relevant national and international policies and processes, and aim for economies of scale.

Guided by our vision and mission, we build broad partnerships to facilitate coordinated actions across local, national and global levels.

Cordaid works in different stages of fragility, covering the wide spectrum from relief through rehabilitation and recovery, to development. This allows us to develop integrated programmes, approaches and innovations to effectively respond to challenges.

We work with local communities that set their own agenda. We mobilise private sector actors and stimulate them to build partnerships with the public sector and support impact investments.

Through our advocacy work, we influence local governments and international decision-makers to change policies and provide resources.

To ensure that our solutions are sustained, we embed them into system-strengthening interventions, aimed at improving health, education, justice and other systems.

Sharing knowledge to boost innovation

Together with our partners, we initiate innovation projects which align with our programmes and foster knowledge development and sharing.

We are also increasingly investing in innovative approaches and adapting successful ones to new contexts and/or themes. For example, our results-based financing approach is now enriched with smart technology that saves paper and increases efficiency and quality.

Our approach to strategic social purchasing mechanisms in health care, food systems and education has been included in the best practices compendium of the OECD.