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Cordaid NL

How we work

Cordaid stands with women, men and children whose basic needs are unmet and whose rights are trampled. Starting in the heart of their communities, Cordaid builds partnerships and mobilizes global networks, resources and knowledge to help people move beyond survival and live in dignity.

We campaign and catalyze change
We empower local communities to set their own agendas. We mobilize the private sector, pressure local governments and international decision makers to change policies and provide resources and public services that are more responsive to community needs.

We call upon citizens, companies and institutions to help us turn the tides of polarization and divide and to join us in reaching out to those who suffer.

To fulfil our mission and purpose, we:

  • work in the most remote and fragile areas to address root causes of conflict and poverty;
  • design and implement at scale development programs and projects with local partners;
  • provide evidence-based lobby and advocacy services;
  • share knowledge and expertise and provide high skill program and grant management services, shaped and tested by over 100 years of experience;
  • combine different financing modalities, like results-based financing and blended finance (combining grants and loans);
  • have the availability of investment funds worth over €80 million;
  • raise funds from governmental and other institutional donors, companies and private contributors (€114,825,000 in 2016);
  • have a strong global network of 264 funding and implementing partners, and offices in 12 countries;
  • have a firm base in Dutch society with over 270,000 private donors.