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Triple Nexus

In fragile settings where the institutional landscape is often underdeveloped, partial and isolated responses are less sustainable than integrated approaches.

The Triple Nexus approach recognises this fact and aims at more programmatic interconnected action and context-specific balanced cooperation between specialist approaches and overarching strategies.

It aims at linking relief and humanitarian assistance to rehabilitation, development, and peace. Its underlying principle of seeking connections and mutual re-enforcing between programmes and activities informs and directs Cordaid’s work.

This ensures that while responding to urgent humanitarian crises, foundations for inclusive and sustainable development are built.

Accelerating transformative change

The Triple Nexus approach accelerates transformative change by supporting excluded groups and communities to articulate their interests and influence decision-making processes and governance frameworks. It strengthens private and public institutions to deliver quality and inclusive services to all.

We adopt a multifaceted lens to address access to basic services, for instance through school feeding programmes that encourage procurement of locally produced and nutritious food while securing the livelihoods of farmers and businesses.

Lay the groundwork

This allows Cordaid to build trust and lay the groundwork for dialogue processes to strengthen rights-based and inclusive governance processes. It also contributes to post-conflict reconstruction efforts and increases the chance of sustainable peace and security.

Cordaid addresses immediate humanitarian needs for food, health, shelter, and other crisis support, while simultaneously exploring how to strengthen the resilience of agri-food systems and other structures.

We do so while understanding underlying power dynamics, cultural practices (including gender relations), and the needs of key groups such as internally displaced persons and their host communities.



  • Climate justice

    We actively pursue sustainability principles across all our activities
  • Gender equity

    We want equal rights for women, men, and non-binary people
  • Diversity and inclusion

    We need diversity to build peaceful, equitable and resilient societies