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Since 2015, Cordaid has been officially operating in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) and Federal Iraq, with main offices in Baghdad and Erbil.

Initially focused on emergency response, we have transitioned to a long-term development approach, aligning with the international community’s shift towards sustainable development frameworks.

Our dedicated team works tirelessly across multiple sectors to create lasting, positive change for communities in need. We aim to build safer, more just, and equitable societies by addressing insecurity and injustice, promoting sustainable peace, and empowering local organisations and communities.


Results & Indicators

  • 35,755 people reached with our activities in 2023

  • 68% of them are women

  • 366 staff of civil society organisations empowered through training


Justice and peace
In our Women, Peace, and Security programme, we empower women in peacebuilding and conflict resolution, prevent and address gender-based violence and ensure women’s participation in security sector reforms.

We also engage youth in peacebuilding and conflict prevention, provide education and employment opportunities to reduce vulnerability to violence and promote youth leadership in community development.

In Iraq, Cordaid promotes inclusive societies that respect diversity. We do this by preventing and addressing discrimination and social exclusion.

We ensure citizens can access justice services by enhancing legal aid and support for marginalised groups and we make legal information accessible in multiple languages and formats.

Food systems
We address climate change impacts on communities, ensure equitable resource distribution and support for affected populations and integrate environmental sustainability into justice systems.


Our operations span 19 governorates, where we provide essential services in health care, humanitarian assistance, infrastructure rehabilitation, sustainable livelihoods, access to justice, security, and protection.


In Iraq, Cordaid collaborates with a diverse range of esteemed donors and international organisations, including the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, Global Affairs Canada, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, the United Nations Development Programme, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, the World Health Organization, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, Nuffic, and the United Nations Population Fund.

Our collaborative efforts in Iraq extend far and wide, thanks to our invaluable partnerships with organisations committed to making a difference, such as Bent Al-Rafedain Organisation, Sustainable Peace Foundation, Accepting Others Organisation, Women Empowerment Organisation, Hanasay New Organisation, Tulip Foundation, Dak Foundation for Ezidi Development, The Lotus Flower, National Institute for Human Rights, Al Ethar Humanitarian Foundation, Baghdad Women Association, Human Line Foundation, The Observer Human Rights Center, Peer Organisation for Youth Development, Sawa Organisation for Human Rights, Women Leader Institute, Women for Justice Organisation, Free to Run Iraq, Jinda Organisation for Women and Girls Affected by War, Better World Organisation, Hariwan Organisation, Hawaa Organisation, Al-Hub Wa Al-Salam Organisation, Iraqi Network 1325, Odessa Organisation for Women Development, Widows Training and Development Center, Peace and Freedom Organisation, Caritas Iraq, Access Aid Foundation, Al-Afaq, Kurdistan Relief Association, Justice Network for Prisoners Iraq, Public Aid Organisation, Iraqi Al-Amal, ASFL, and the Reform Institute for Development.

These partnerships play a vital role in enabling us to deliver comprehensive and effective services to communities across Iraq. Through collective efforts and shared dedication, we strive to create positive change and uplift those in need.


For matters regarding the programmes of our Iraq office, please contact:

Sarmad Mubarak
Senior Programme Manager
Email: [email protected]

For administrative matters, please contact:

Mohammed Ismael
Operations Director
Email: [email protected]