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Cordaid has been working in Burundi since the mid-1990s. In Burundi, we focus on sexual and reproductive health, care for pregnant women and children, results-based financing in the healthcare sector, addressing gender-based violence, women and youth leadership, and strengthening civil society organisations.


Results & Indicators

  • 8,000 children received sexual and reproductive education (2018)

  • 12,800 children received support in health centres (2018)

  • 1,110 teachers trained to provide sexual education (2018)


Health care
In the healthcare sector, we are one of the leading organisations, having introduced results-based financing, a methodology that was soon adopted by the government in its national health policy. We are particularly focusing on the improvement of sexual and reproductive healthcare services and the struggle against sexual and gender-based violence.

Cordaid addresses maternal and child mortality, chronic diseases, and cervical cancer through innovative treatment and prevention and sexual and gender-based violence through awareness raising and sensitisation.

Access to justice
One of the main objectives of our programme is to make sure civil society organisations can operate freely. We strengthen the capacities of civil society organisations with a focus on women’s rights, gender, access to justice, and youth-related topics.

Humanitarian assistance
This programme aims to strengthen communities so they become more resilient to disasters, climate change, environmental degradation and conflict. To achieve this goal, we use the Community-Managed Disaster Risk Reduction approach.

Inclusive peace
Our nationwide Strategic Partnership programme aims to build strong civil society organisations, capable of advocating as a solid network that raises awareness on important issues and influences national policy.


In the Mutaho Health District (Gitega province) we improve maternal and child health care. In Cibitoke, Makamba and Muyinga provinces we help prevent and raise awareness of sexual and gender-based violence. We reinforce the capacities of three universities in Burundi (Burundi, Ngozi and Hope), where we develop training curricula for medical students, specifically for gender issues and sexual and reproductive health. We improve the sexual and reproductive health of youth and teenagers in the following provinces: Bururi, Cankuzo, Karusi, Makamba, Muramvya, Mwaro, Rumonge and Rutana.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, Care International, Rutgers, UNFPA, World Bank, Ministry of Health of Burundi, UNICEF, CINOP, Maastricht University, Nuffic, AFRABU, AFJO, ADISCO, REJA, Bar Association, OAG, University of Ngozi and Hope University.

Cordaid Burundi
Roheri I, 9 avenue du Marché
P.O. Box 6701
Bujumbura, Burundi

Phone: + 257 22 21 01 99

Email: [email protected]