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Diversity and inclusion

A world without racial justice can never be a just world. For a shift in power, it is essential to embrace diversity and inclusion.

These necessities underlie our work on locally-led development and gender transformation. They also feed into our climate and ecological agendas as the people who are suffering the most from climate change are the ones who suffer most from exclusion and discrimination. Their voices must be heard.

Diversity is part and parcel of our efforts to build peaceful, equitable and resilient societies.

Within Cordaid’s organisational setup, racial justice, diversity, and inclusion are high on the agenda. Equity in relationships, job opportunities that promote diversity, combating implicit and explicit discrimination and racism, and awareness raising are critical.

Explicit policies

We develop explicit policies to make sure that our organisational setup and our working relations mirror the values of our vision and mission. Our narratives and our language reflect our convictions.

Discussions around shifting the power that produces inclusive, non-racist language further stimulate these efforts.