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Aid to refugees at Macedonian border

Caritas Greece and Cordaid staff distributed food among 2000 refugees crossing the border between Greece and Macedonia at Idomeni under dire circumstances this morning. Overnight rainfall had turned the border transit area into a quagmire and left refugees soaked to the bone and cold.

“Most of the refugees have only one set of clothes with them – the one they wear. We handed out food packages and invited women and children into our truck and minivans serving them hot tea and cookies” said Cordaid Director Simone Filippini, who assisted.

Today the border at Idomeni opened again after a period of closure, resulting in chaos as crowds of refugees from an improvised camp nearby were heading to the border.

In an interview with the Dutch TV news program NOS Journaal, Ms Filippini expressed her dismay about the “inhumane circumstances” that she encountered at the Macedonian border. She criticized the apparent lack of leadership on the part of the EU and UN organizations to coordinate and manage the refugee crisis.

Overview of Cordaid’s aid to refugees

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