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Cordaid NL
Food Security Haïti

A bed for madam Sara

Millions of Haitian women buy and resell products to support their families. These women bring the produce of 700,000 farms to market, and power 75 percent of the informal economy. They are called “madam Sara” and they are a well-known phenomenon in Haiti. Watch the film by Patricia Borns about their lives, made in collaboration with anthropologist Talitha Stam during her field study for Cordaid.

Cordaid’s approach to assuring food security and promoting market access for farmers takes the crucial part of madam Sara into account. Instead of shortening the food chain by eliminating the middle men, we aim to safeguard their role and protect their jobs while at the same time reducing their costs and controling their risks in order to improve their margins and working conditions. 

Cordaid and Fonkozé, a local micro-finance organization, will develop a program promoting cold chain storage for vegetables and fruits at the places where madames Sara gather for the night. The cold storage facilities will be built next to a dormatory where they can spend the night safely instead of staying under the open sky.  

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