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Cordaid NL

Bill Gates and Cordaid on the same track

Today’s ‘From Innovation to Impact’ panel debate saw the presence of the world’s leading philanthropist Bill Gates. Cordaid supports his plea for a substantial budget for development cooperation, as well as data-driven interventions and support to young innovative entrepreneurs.

“We really appreciate his support to having a substantial Dutch budget for development cooperation,” says Wouter van Tongeren, Cordaid senior relation manager, who attended the panel debate at KIT in Amsterdam.

“We really appreciate his support”

Data-driven interventions

“Cordaid also supports his plea for data-driven interventions, as development becomes more successful when supported by research.” The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation yearly invests billions in innovation and research to tackle worldwide problems, such as finding the cure to malaria.

That’s why Cordaid supports a system of open data, making development interventions transparent by publishing and sharing all data gathered from our work.

Young entrepreneurs

Young entrepreneur Merel Rumping of the social initiative ‘LegBank’ (recent winner of the Cordaid Social Adventure Challenge) was selected to presented her innovation before Bill Gates. He found her idea ‘inspiring’. ‘I am proud of ‘our’ Merel,’ tweeted Cordaid CEO Simone Filippini.