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Caritas colleague killed in Aleppo

Cordaid joins the worldwide Caritas family and Caritas Syria in particular to mourn the death of our colleague, Safouh Al-Mosleh. He was killed at noon on 7 April when a shell fell on his house in Aleppo.

He will be badly missed by his colleagues in Aleppo, in Syria and beyond.

Caritas Internationalis Secretary General Michel Roy: “The Caritas confederation sends our deepest sympathy and prayers to Safouh’s parents, brother and sisters, to Caritas Syria and to the team in Aleppo, who achieve so much in such difficult circumstances. Sadly, this tragedy will not be the last heartbreak in Syria.”

His neighborhood had experienced heavy shelling recently. Farhat Square is a symbolic area of Christianity in Aleppo as three cathedrals are located there: Greek Catholic, Armenian and Maronite.

His family had evacuated a few days ago. It seems that Safouh went back to check on the apartment, after spending the morning taking care of his elderly parents. The mortar struck, causing a huge fire in which he was unable to escape from.

In his forties, Safouh was an engaged and active member of Caritas from the Greek Catholic community. He began working for Caritas over a year ago.

Caritas Syria provides food, shelter and other aid to especially poor and vulnerable people. It’s one of only a handful of independent aid agencies left operating in the country. In Aleppo, Caritas Syria helped 1600 elderly people in 2014 in Aleppo.

The UN estimates that over 220,000 people have been killed in the war in Syria, which has now entered its 5th year.