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Cordaid NL

Cordaid 100 years

This year, Cordaid celebrates its centenary. 100 years of providing aid is not something you do all by yourself. In 1914, silent helpers stood at the basis of the organization that we are today. 100 years later silent helpers are still the driving force behind society and our work. On our centenary, we tell their stories.

What are silent helpers?

Every day there are people who help others, simply because their help is needed. They share their time, knowledge and resources. But more than anything else, they share their heart. We call these people silent helpers. In 1914, they stood at the basis of the organization that we are today.

Silent helpers in 1914

Exactly 100 years ago, Belgian children fled to refugee camps to escape the atrocities of WWI. A small group of people saw their suffering and gave them a home with Dutch families.
These individuals helped, simply because they saw the children’s need.

They shared their time, resources, knowledge and their heart without any hesitation. They expected nothing in return. They were silent helpers, and they were the front runners of what Cordaid is today.

Silent helpers in 2014

Times have changed, but the silent helpers remain. They continue to be the unyielding force behind our work and society. On our 100th birthday, we will tell their stories, spread their spirit and inspire others.

Visit and read the stories of silent helpers or share your own story.