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Humanitarian Aid Afghanistan

Cordaid and ECHO provide humanitarian aid to shock-affected communities in Urozgan

In collaboration with ECHO, Cordaid will provide humanitarian aid in the form of emergency cash assistance to around 11,000 shock-affected individuals in Urozgan. A combination of armed conflict and recurrent natural disasters afflicts the southwestern province of Afghanistan.

For the first time, Cordaid Afghanistan has started collaborating with European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO) through its Afghanistan Emergency Response Mechanism.

Together, we will provide life-saving humanitarian aid for around 11,000 individuals by providing multi-purpose cash for shock-affected people and those that are newly displaced due to armed conflict. This cash assistance will reduce the need to adopt negative livelihood strategies as well as emergency strategies to survive.

Cordaid will also establish a community alert system to empower communities and, upon a verified alert, provide timely, principled coordinated emergency cash assistance.

Overview humanitarian aid in Urozgan

“Armed conflict is a constant threat to the local communities in Afghanistan. It immensely affects the livelihoods of people. With this activity, Cordaid will try to develop an alert and coordinated response mechanism to reach out and support them,” says Jaap van Hierden, Country Director of Cordaid Afghanistan.

The assistance enables 11,000 individuals to overcome the initial shock of displacement and loss of income. It will also reduce the need among the most vulnerable to adopt negative coping mechanisms in the aftermath of initial displacement and shock occurrences.

Threats of insecurity and occurrence of natural disasters

Urozgan province is a remote and hard to reach area in southwest Afghanistan. It is a prominent war zone where ongoing armed conflict and insecurity cause constant setbacks. Adding to the hardships and livelihood shocks, recurrent natural disasters such as flash floods are another threat. This combination causes displaced communities to be in immediate, frequent, and acute need of humanitarian support.

Furthermore, the halting Intra-Afghan peace negotiation has contributed to worsening the situation for these affected communities. There are no signs of a better future.

The remoteness and insecurity also pose problems for humanitarian aid workers. Before reaching out to affected communities, accessing the province, and getting there, can be challenging.

Mobilizing other actors and resources

In collaboration with ECHO’s Afghanistan Emergency Response Mechanism, Cordaid is committed to extending its humanitarian support and intervention in conflict zones in Urozgan.

“The project will help us to support shock-affected people in Urozgan in a timely and effective manner. This allows them to improve their livelihood. It will also help us to reflect and share the ground realities with other stakeholders,” says Abdul Rauf Safi, Program Manager Humanitarian Aid of Cordaid Afghanistan.

By providing information on the ground realities and needs for humanitarian support, Cordaid will also coordinate and mobilize other national and international humanitarian actors and resources.